Nature Collection Ultra Mat

$ 49.95

Inspire your practice with a bright and unique mat pattern! This variegated sticky mat is super lightweight and easy to bring to your favorite class.

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Love the Nature Collection Mat but need a little extra cushion? The Nature Collection Ultra Yoga Mat is a natural choice! Ultra mats feature the same great nonslip surface with twice the cushioning power, making them especially good for sitting, kneeling, and lying poses.


PER is made from plant oil extractions that are processed into a plastic-like material that is recyclable and non-toxic.


  • Beautifully blended, unique, nature-inspired design
  • Stable, non-slip surface
  • 1/4″ thickness cushions bones and joints
  • Lightweight, durable, economical
  • Also available in 1/8″ thickness
  • Latex-free

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Evergreen, Ocean, Pacific Fog, Purple Mountain, Sunshine