About Us

The ancient art of yoga has its roots in India— now it is practiced in every part of the world by practitioners of every race, creed and color, helping millions to find their inner peace and contentment.

This global popularity has in some ways “modernized” yoga, leading to a steady erosion of its original and most ancient philosophy and traditions. As knowledge of these roots is lost through incorrect teaching, it loses something of its original power.

Santosh Yoga Institute Logo

About Logo

ॐ – OM is sacred sound and a spiritual symbol. The syllable Om evolves to mean many abstract ideas in the earliest Upanishads and many other ancient books. It is considered  most important spiritual symbols.


Our logo represent ॐ in english (OM). “O” on top and “M” below in the logo. Logo also represents a yogi practicing most important limb – meditation (Dhyan) in an important pose (Padmasan).


Our Mission

At Santosh Yoga Institute, we stay true to the original philosophy of yoga. It is our mission to help anyone who wants to learn traditional yoga to do so authentically through ages-old traditional methods which are untouched by unnecessary modernization.

Our Principles

Our guiding business principles are simple, natural and rooted in ancient yogic principles of truthfulness (satya), non-stealing (asteya), and non-greediness (aparigraha):

  • Health and happiness is a right for all
  • Healthy & Natural food saves lives
  • Yoga can help to improve the human condition

Our Founder

Santosh Maknikar

Born in Latur, India, Santosh Maknikar has practiced traditional yoga since he was five years old. A passionate teacher of the discipline, he opened the Santosh Yoga Institute after moving to the United States in 2005.

Maknikar’s belief in the transformative self-understanding led to him also founding the non-profit organization Yoga for People, an initiative with the simple goal of making yoga available to all despite their social, financial or geographical constraints. View his message here.