yoga mat
Due to the biodegradable properties of this mat, it should not be left in sun, extreme heat, or extreme cold for an extended amount of time.
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Standard Yoga Bolster
Standard Yoga Bolster |salt lake city


Yoga mat bag
The Uinta Mat Bag combines versatility with lightweight convenience.
foam yoga blocks
foam yoga blocks| salt lake city power yoga
Eye pillow
Eyebags block out light during Savasana and relax your eyes and brow. The end zipper allows you to empty the filling for hand washing.
traditional round meditation cushion
traditional round meditation cushion
Yoga sandbags
A yoga sandbag on the top of your thighs in Reclined Hero’s Pose releases back muscles while a sandbag on the grounded leg in Reclining Leg Stretch makes your stretch more dynamic.
Message Roller
Foam Roller is a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes.
yoga strap
Easy to attach, release, and adjust
Yoga Towel
Absorbent, fast-drying surface


Salt lake city yoga kit
Salt lake city yoga kit
Yoga Blanket
Mexican Yoga Blanket
Yoga wipes
Yoga wipes