COVID-19 Response Effort

Your generosity will help families and people in need to access critical information and services like food, shelter etc.. 100% of your donations collected will provide to  Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Maharashtra 

During times of uncertainty and crisis, people come together to support one another. COVID-19 is a new test of our collective strength. As millions are on lockdown and businesses are closing, unemployment is spiking.

How are we helping?

Santosh Yoga Institute and Downtown Yoga Festival steps up whenever our communities need us.

  1. We will be starting online Kids yoga classes + Upanishad Yoga Story times on weekly basis during mandatory school closures .
  2. We will be conducting live classes for parents who are working from home. Classes will be focused on reducing stress and anxiety along with yoga practice.

Practice LIVE

Meditation + Pranayam | Every Sunday 10.00 am (MDT)

Donate here ( Suggested donation  $15 – $50)

Photo Of Yoga Class | Santosh Yoga Institute in Salt Lake City, UT

Yoga Resources

  • These 2 Essential Breath Practices Will Help You Create Space Within to Access Intuition

  • So You Found Peace Through Yoga—Here’s Why the Practice Doesn’t Stop There

Young man practicing yoga | Santosh Yoga Institute in Salt Lake City, UT

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